CRS IS BASED IN South Australia and began its operations in July 1989 and has rapidly grown to be the largest Container Reconditioner in South Australia. CRS provides reconditioned 205 litre drums, 1000-litre IBC's and a vast range of other sized containers suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous products. CRS is a privately owned company with Mr Patrick Ryan, Chief Executive Officer the founder, Mrs Heather Ryan, Administrative Officer, Mrs Beverley Russell, Factory Manager, Mr Arthur Russell, PreWash and Laundering Manager along with a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce. CRS is a strong family run business with its commitment to increase the life cycle of liquid packaging and raising the level of service competitor's use as a benchmark. CRS currently operates on three sites in metro Adelaide, soon to be amalgamated to one central location. The new location will have the capacity to reprocess an enormous range of containers and products turning them into a valuable resource. CRS's experience and capability has enabled the supply of goods and services to;

CRS is a fully registered and licensed organization and complies with all relevant state and federal government laws and regulations. Dealing with empty containers that have previously contained hazardous material poses a significant environment and liability problem if not handled correctly, that's why CRS was the first in SA to ensure all vehicles were licensed with the EPA (long before any competitors). CRS was the first to provide moveable watertight drum storage containers and was also the first in SA to insist on the use of Waste Transport Certificates to be filled out and supplied regularly. CRS also benchmarked the need to have regular meetings with all relevant government bodies keeping up-to-date with ever changing laws and regulations. CRS is also the first company to introduce ACRA (Australasian Container Reconditioners Association) to SA and was a founder of the same group for Australia. CRS also keeps up-to-date by attending various round table conferences on the same. CRS will be the 1st Container Reconditioner to introduce Thermal Processing Incineration. CRS's management philosophy is to recover, reuse and recycle in a manner that protects the customers, the company, the employee and the future.